Pepe & Joey cook for Hoboken Boys & Girls Club

Ciao Amici (hello friends),

I’m honored to announce that on Tuesday, December 7, 2010 Joey and I have been invited to cook dinner in New Jersey for the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club for their annual fundraising party “An Evening with Two Guys from Hoboken”.

While that’s exciting on its own, we’ve just learned the Mayor of Hoboken will be presenting us with the Keys to the City!

As you may know, our families emigrated from Italy [...]

Pepe & Pants Take over the Big Apple!

The Food Emporium stores in NYC partner with these “Two Guys From Hoboken”


One part Hollywood. Two parts Hoboken. A couple of lifelong pals from the neighborhood serve up all the ingredients of a Hollywood Blockbuster Story.

Joe Pantoliano, actor, and Rich Pepe, chef and restaurateur, grew up together in Hoboken, sitting around the kitchen table with their large Italian families, talking about food, “the American Dream” and making [...]

Pepe Acting Saucy!

Carmel restauranteur Rich Pepe is doing something cool with his high school buddy Joe Pantoliano of Matrix and Sopranos fame.

As Pepe writes in an e-mail, they’ve been teaming up for a while.

“Joey, known as Joey Pants and an Emmy Award winning actor, was my original partner in my [...]

The Carmel Pine Cone – Pepe & Pants

pepe and joey2Many months ago, I received an email from my father asking if I knew some guy named Rich Pepe. “Sure, I’ve met him,” I said. “Mr. Italy, right? I believe we were both judges for the Monterey County wine Challenge.”

Turns out, my father went to the same high school as Pepe in Cliffside Park, New [...]