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SPECIAL! Tomato-Basil 3-Pack

Buy two, get one free!

In the old days when Hoboken was mostly Italian, it seemed that every family had a basil plant and cherry tomatoes growing in the backyard, on the windowsill or even on the fire escape.  For quick meals, they simply picked a little of each, sautéed them briefly and tossed in fresh cooked pasta and grated parmigiana. In our house, this is what we called “Italian fast food”…perfetto!

Pèpe & Pants Sauce is made in 25 oz. jars.
3-Jar Minimum on all internet orders.
Made with 100% Italian Tomatoes and All Natural Ingredients.

100% of Pèpe & Pants’ net profits support No Kidding, Me Too!

Price: $27.00
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